My Pride Would Become My Worst Enemy

Bullying has taken its toll on the lives of a mere 4,400 students every year. One of the main key reasons is that the administrators do not do anything about it, or even purposely take the bully's sides. It gets pathetic. Let me tell you exactly how someone's pride can turn from their source of motivation into their worse enemy ever. In the 7th grade, the year went by pretty fast and miserable. I got bad grades and the girl I had a crush on hated me back, not "hate/love" but literally "hate" like " fatty. Get away from me." Towards the end of the year, two kids from the 6th grade would always come behind me and give me threats. But they did it fiercely. I remember once I was walking to my bus and one of them just started trolling me from behind in "rap form". I just looked at them and then the taller guy said "**** you, you stupid *****. I'll kick your ***." A few days later, he got a group of his friends and he threatened to kick my "Chinese fat-butt" only that he didn't use the word "butt" but of course, the cuss for it, the word "assassination" without the "-assination". Then in the hallways we would always lunge towards me like he was going to fight me. Then finally, he got a bunch of people to form a circle as he was about to fight me, I hid in my bus. So didn't I kick his but? Well, I was short and fat and this kid was tall and muscular.

Following this, into 8th grade I joined football, and comes another kid. He was big, and fat also on the football team. He literally used me as his punching bag for no reason, because he only fought people he knew he could beat. After practice I'd make nice complements like "Nice job." He literally says, "Shut up fa66ot". He got punched in the face, and so I came there to comfort him. But he just yelled out, "Get out of my fvcking way!" At the end of practice, he got a bunch of jocks to go against me and make of me saying "Ooohh..look's like someone has a crush on somebody!" (The kid got punched by a big girl, strong). Then one day, he threatened to beat me up like he did to his brother (same age, but smaller). Towards the middle of football season, he was calling me names. I fought back for a little while, then he charged at me. Believe me, his body felt like trying to wrestle with a freight train. During my birthday on November, he forced me to give him a cookie (I brought in cookies) and then called me a "fa66ot" again. In the 9th grade, some time passed by and he just decided to hit me with his back and heavy back pack in the hall way.

Eventually so much time passed by, that I simply forgot about it and attempted to move on. Now, my pride has cost me my sanity. What was causing me so much trauma? Well of course, half of it comes from the bullying itself. The other half comes from the regret of never telling anybody. You know why? Because unlike other schools, my school town system takes bullying extremely seriously, and refuses to ever take sides. I didn't want to make myself look weak and cowardly by telling. Unfortunately, the thing that prevented me from telling my principal I call "pride" has now become my biggest enemy. If only I would have told on them, I could have gotten them kicked off of the football team and arrested. Yes, my school town system arrests people for fighting. This is how strict they are against bullying, unfortunately my pride prevented me from taking advantage of that.

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1 Response May 19, 2012

I know you can't forget it but let it go and live. They will get what is coming to them. I am proud of you for taking all that **** man and being alive to post. Good job!