My Unlucky Day

I transferred schools when i was in 5th grade. I transferred to an elite school near my neighborhood. I thought this year will turn out to be the best days of my life! It has been a dream of mine to transfer schools because I want to experience something new!! Meeting new people, having new friends, classmates and a different atmosphere! My school before is small, not elite of course. Only having 10-15 students per grade and for me, who's curious and adventurous wondered. ''What is it like to be in another school?? a big school?'' And that's how it pumped up my mind, the idea of transferring schools.
And yea!! I've done it! I transferred schools just as what I wanted. My first day was like.. its fine, I met my new classmates and just like the other typical school where you have to introduce yourself on the first day.. weeks after, I made friends and most of them are girls and I'm starting to enjoy my new life in my new school. Not days after, I heard gossips about me.. I move like a guy which guys there dislikes and also about my looks.. it’s not me being ugly coz I know I'm not!! It's me look so unfashionable so girls dislike it!! errrr!! And lastly they thought that I'm poor! Where all of them dislikes!!!! It's an elite school where almost all of the students are ****** rich!!
I was being picked up by guys and being ignored by girls. Everyone is avoiding me. I cant do anything, cant fight back. It was like hell!! Promise!! For a young and innocent kid like me.. mostly guys bullied me. I came to hate guys!! Hate them! It left a wound. A very deep wound!! It was a traumatic experience to someone who's having its puberty.. you know, developing stage, physically and emotionally. I was a very innocent kid back then. I can no longer stand it!! I stopped going to school of course it made my mom disappointed and there came a time that my mom can’t stand it.. she got angry and beat me up!! Hahaha. My mom’s a bully too!! Hahaha. Kidding. But yea, she did and I end up having bruises but still I insist not going to school. It got worse. I feel so lonely. I’m so alone and wanna be alone. I didn’t go to school for several days. My homeroom teacher went to my house talked to my mom. She wanted to talk to me but I didn’t show up.. I felt soo ashamed!
I went back to school and some of my bully classmates whom I consider my enemies made up with me. Giving their apologies or what so ever it is. Of course, as a pure hearted kid I accepted them. There are some that didn’t bother to, not that I care. I was in a total shock of the outcome!! It was a shock. I have my hopes up but it end up like this. A total downfall!! My downfall.
My mom and I decided to go back to my previous school and finished my primary level and I finished it. Im currently a senior high school. I’m 18 years old and supposed to be a 2nd year college. I stopped for 2 years because of this traumatic experience (3rd yr. high school , attempting to transfer again and failed). I used to have social anxiety and was afraid of school and used to hate guys. but I faced all of fears and now, im in a good condition and I kinda get along with guys. Thanks to my family and friends. Im living happily.
If you are bullied, Fight back!! Show them you’re strong and cannot be underestimated. Show them that you’re worth of the respect! And cannot be beaten! That’s what I failed to do before. This happening has became my strength to prove more.. it has become my motivation to change myself. So, maybe im still lucky after all of this. My unlucky day!! Hahahaha.
janks01 janks01
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012