My Humiliating School Experience

I grew up at a school where bullying was pretty much unseen and unheard of other than a few playground taunts and whatnot. However it all changed once i went to my highschool.
The very first day marked the rest of my highschool life.
I was in the bathrooms in between classes when some kids walked in and told me to give them my money or i'll be the new loser. I told them I didn't have any which was a bad idea, especially since i did.
They pulled me into a stall and forced me toward the toilet and i struggled because i kind of knew what was going to happen.
They told me "too late loser" and shoved my head into the toilet.
The worst part was, no matter how much i struggled, once my head was in I couldn't do anything to get it out. It seems that even someone like a small girl can hold a guys head in a toilet, because they're using their arm and shoulder muscles and you're just using your neck ones, not to mention they have leverage and gravitational advantage.
Once my head was in they told me i deserve this and hit the flush. It was the most humiliating day of my life because I knew i didn't have a towel and one of the popular girls saw it and would gossip to everyone.
I had to walk around with my hair dripping in shame.
kingjazzad12 kingjazzad12
18-21, M
Nov 6, 2013