Vincent Wesson

My childhood bully was Vincent Wesson, he would say he was going to beat me up everyday after school, I told the teacher and nothing was done, finally my dad told me next time he said this in class to beat the crap out of him right than and there, so the next day he said he was going to do it again, so asked to sharpen my pencil the teacher said yes, Vincent's desk was right in the back near the sharper, got up sharpened it to a fine point walked behind him and shoved it stabbing him right between the shoulder blades as he screamed I pounded his face right into the desk, lifted his face and pounded it bloody, after the teacher pulled me off of him, I was taken to the Principle's office he wanted to spank me and called my dad, my dad came to the school and told the principle he was going to beat the sh*t out of him for not taking care of Vincent, after that day Vincent feared me, for told him I would do worse to him if word got to me that he ever tried the same to anyone else....The Bullied must stand up to the bully to stop things like Columbine..
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1 Response Nov 19, 2013

Good for you. I don't know why teachers do not understand the absolute stress that bullying puts kids under to the point where they would STAB SOMEONE WITH A PENCIL. It's a powderkeg. It's crazy. I still, as an adult, wet my pants TO THIS DAY because of bullying flashbacks.