When I was barely ten, I was diagnosed PTSD: the post traumatic stress disorder. I was physically and emotionally damaged. I spent most of my childhood visiting hospital for treatments. Back then, my mom would not tell me why I had to go to hospital so often. I was too little to acknowledge my pain. I was only a child without full mentality and so was too vulnerable. I never liked school and people of my age. Often I wanted to forget about it and wish I can live like nothing happened before. Now, I have better grip of controlling my pain. I can tell myself I've tasted hell before but it did not kill me, it only made me stronger. It took me so long after all these years I try to think of my past as a gift. A cruel gift, but a gift nonetheless.
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some times being a child can be hell i to was bulled and even the teachers picked on me some times it hard if you are different to others