Today was the first day of school and i was really scared that the bullies would start today as they do every year. And my friend that lives far away told me it was going to be fine, but it wasn't. Some popular boys where picking on this girl so i stepped between them and called the bullies out... That was a bad idea. I though i would be able to take it, but when they where 4 people surrounding me, shouting and laughing I panicked and ran to a really small room where I had a really horrible panic attack. Then when I was about to go home about 10 students where standing outside the door talking and laughing talking about me. I managed to get home before I had another 2 panic attacks and now I can't stop crying and shaking and I'm really scared
Naginion Naginion
18-21, F
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I'd give you a high-five and a piece of cake or sugary treat of your choice right now if I could. True courage isn't facing danger without fear; It's facing danger despite fear.

i know how you feel i was bulled also