From the start of high school, a guy
Who I won't name, used to do horrible things to me after the school bell rang. He'd always find me, and would hit me do ******* hard in the face, once he broke my cheek bone and jaw. He also tried to kill me by holding my head down in the school swimming pool. I passed out before the teacher realised the bully want just playing around, I was drowning. They had to release the water out of my lungs. I truly am a bullying survivor.
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had pencil stabbed into my upper back lead end first in junior high happened to me.painfull all day long as couldn't get realeased to go back home or have parents come get me. pecill lead and just above that just missed my spine by a fraction of 1 inch. but it was there till my moms mother a L.P.N. safely removed it.

kill him. Such people do not deserve mercy. They deserve DEATH !