I grew up being the only kid in a wheelchair in my town and was always an outsider. I was bullied a lot throughout school. I was put on a picnic table in my chair, I had my back wheels taken off throughout the day and I was locked to a pole with a bicycle lock a few times
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im sorry you had to go through that. I cannot experience the horror of that. but because I have grown up with epilepsy and mild cerebral palsy, I can at least half feel the pain it must have been.people are not always good to people who are handicapped or different from the rest of society.
and lots are mean and borderline cruel to handicapped. even labeling us as easy targets of bullying because they know, we cannot do anything about it. thanfully though now things are beginning to change that for us all.it truly though saddens me that you had that happen.
thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately there are a lot of cruel people out in the world. I won in the end though because I'm much better off than the people who bullied me. I guess the one good thing that came from all the bullying is that it drove name to want to be better.

That sucks, that's inhumaine

Yep, it definitely sucked big time. Some people I guess are just horrible people

Yep they sure are

Definitely yeah

That's horrible. Some kids are just jerks!

Definitely yeah