No one would stand up for me
The whole class bullied me
For two years
I could not enjoy kindergarten and 1st grade
I got bullied the whole time
The teachers never stopped them
I was all alone
In 6th grade these twin girls would bully me in the beginning of the year then stopped at lunch these girls would make fun of me
In 7th grade the same twin girls would bully me in the beginning of the year throw stuff at me and even call me a ***** for reading call me stupid
I felt worthless
One of the twins said "sorry for being mean to you it's just my sister told me too" wtf!?! That's why she did it I wanted to say " apology not accepted you should have knew better you are a bully! You should be carful what you do! And also if I commit suicide it's because of you two" but I said "it's ok" with my head down each time I see them I put my head down
I don't know why I get bullied I'm a nice person I'm not stupid I have friends what wrong with me then?
All I have to say is stop bullying and if your a bully your not cool bullies like you cause 1,000s of kids to commit suicide
Speak up
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I'm a bully survivor! I was diagnosed PTSD. I was barely 10. Trust me. I've tasted hell. But it only makes you stronger! And you are a strong woman! One day you will recall your past thinking you have become so much stronger! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Kids often bully other kids for no reason they have no idea what they are doing. And trust me in the end karma will seriously **** them.

I would tell the victims of bullying to stand up for themselves. That is the best way to stop bullying. That's how we dealt with bullies when I was in school. Only person these victims can rely on is themselves.

Some of the bully victims are not strong enough to stand up for themselves sometimes

You would not understand unless you got bullief

I did get bullied. I had to learn to deal with it on my own. When a person stands up for him or herself, they are less likely to be messed with. When I was growing up, people who got bullied did not go kill themselves. Our parents taught us better than that.

Bullies have got worse over the years

I'm just saying your generation is not the first to have this problem but yours is the only ones killing yourselves over it.

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