Big Bullies On the Play Ground

I was bullied everyday in grade school, I grew up during the 80s out in nevada. At age 35 I am on an anti-depressent/anti-anxiety medicine. I moved every year or 2. At every school I attended {being the new kid!} I was shunned by the other kids for simply being a stranger at the school and nobody knew me or my family. I remember at age 13 I lived in a small town called tonapah in the middle of nevada. At tonapah a girl by the name of nanette patrick was my tormentorn. At one point she cornered me in an empty classroom and threatened to beat my face. She didn't of corse!. this happened in 1988. I feel sorry for her! I dont think she liked herself.! People who bully others really need to be loved and prayed for. If Iwere to see her now I dont know what i'd say to her. I dont know if i'd be upset or just numb. I would like to tell her that the torment she put me through hurt me immensly! I have a 5 year old daughter and I worry alot about the bullies she might encounter.  People we have got to stop the bullying others!!!

loriself2005 loriself2005
1 Response Jul 17, 2009

Sometimes people judge people they dont understand. Sadly bullies are everywhere and all a bully is is a insecure person. If someone was really happy with themselves then they wouldnt want to put others down with them.