A Child Of God

It has taken way to long for me to become a faithful follower of the Lord and even now I have my good days and my bad ones.  I am new at this but the key is that I am so willing to learn.  I am a Southern Baptist and for the most part I am in church and doing church activities every time the doors are open and I can get in.  I love knowing that it is not the category of "what religion" are you...it is my lifestyle that shows who and what I am.  I am a follower of Christ and I am one of his children.  I tried so hard growing up and into adulthood trying to fill a hole in my soul as to who I was and who people saw me as.  I have since decided that my self esteem was no where to be found and that I was constantly trying to find a label and the people that had found that label as well to be able to give me an identity in the world....example: Contender the alcoholic or Contender the adulteress one group of people after another I would associate myself with to give me meaning and purpose....UGH!  Finally, Finally God found me and my beat up sinful bones and took me into his safe house and nursed me back to health.  I started very slowly to see things in a whole new light and the light was beautiful and my self esteem grew.  I didn't need to fill anything, I didn't need any letters or words at the end of my name....finally I was just Contender and I was loved just the way that I was and the faith and hope that it would just continue to get better and better and so far that has been true.  I am a child of God and it is my lifestyle that shines through to the people around me, nothing else.  I have been given a charge to send out the Good News to all I come into contact with and to love God with all of my heart, soul and mind, the other command is to love my neighbor the same way as I love God.  Love, trumps all it is the basis of which I try to live and it brings a peace to all it comes in contact with.  This is my short story but it is not that short...I have much to share and I live day by day and I would love to share with anyone that needs or wants to talk about receive this precious gift in their life.
contender contender
36-40, F
Dec 17, 2010