My Christian Journey

I was raised in a Catholic home and a Catholic heritage from way back. My generation didn't take religion for granted, like our parents. We are more likely to search for ourselves. Sadly , some of my friends chose atheism , but I started serching the bible for truths. I doubted man's tradition. It is a never ending journey. We left the Catholic Church for a covernment church, that tried to dominate us and was affecting our marriage. I chose to leave for my marriage sake and we started in the night club scene and fell far away from God and started drinking heavily. A couple of years later, we found an Assembly of God Church  and rededicated my life to God and quit drinking and have been sober for 23 years sense  . We moved away and found a non-denominational church that we became a part of.  Larer someone in the chutch started a Torah study  group where they were teaching the Jewish roots of the church and how much Jesus was revealed  in the old testament  . After a couple of yesrs,  the church made the claim that they wanted no connection with the group.  We felt we were finding truth,  so eventually  every one in the group left the church. Now we just all fellowship together. We weren't  told we had to leave,  just felt we needed to go in another direction.  .Now I consider  myself a Messianic Gentile Beleiver.

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Feb 3, 2013