My sissy wish

My Christmas wish.
I never expect presents at Christmas and rarely get one but if someone was inclined to give me one I would wish that they gave me something fem. A skirt, dress, perfume or something cheaper like panties or an eye brow pencil. Yes those are not the kinds of things that you would normally give to a guy but everyone that knows me knows that I love fem things. And to me it would show that they really do accept my fem side.
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I would love it if someone would buy me a pair of high heels as a Christmas present. I have received gift vouchers from one of my sisters with a note saying to buy something I really like. I had asked her for high heels, but she said my parents wouldn't want her to encourage my heel wearing. I brought high heels with the vouchers.

We are so easy to buy

Yes and yet I get books (I'm not much of a reader, but my eldest sister is, so she buys books for others as gifts. I got a yogurt maker and I don't like yogurt. But never get a gorgeous pair of high heels.

It does seem that most people will buy a give based on what they like instead of what the person they are buying the gift for would like.

Just write out a santa list and give everyone you know the list, then just maybe you'll get something you want.

Good idea....

I would like to see you in your Christmas presents the lay you down under the tree and slowly take them back off

How fun that would be!

I really hope you get everything you wish for!

i try to keep my wishes who knows.

Keep your chin up, we are different but better then the so called normal guys! I wear stilettos! Love it! Normal guys don't know what they are missing!

That is so very true!

Trust me, I'm sitting in shinny snakeskin leggings and my black leather knee high boots!! Heaven!!

Well I just finished shoveling the snow outside and after I shower I will be putting on some legging and knee high boots and going over to a friends for coffee!

How far was the trip?

She lives about 8k from me

Cool, so you drove there! :)

I am still home but yes I will drive there in a bout 30 minutes. Gotta go shower first.

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I'd buy you some nice Essie brand nail lacquer or some pretty Mac brand lipsticks :)

That is so sweet! I love it!

Thats a nice thot. I always get make up and nail polish. A girl can never have enough of those things.