Forgotten Birthday

 A close friend forgot my birthday, it was yesterday Sept 1. I'm not mad at him, but i have no friends up here and that compounds the feeling of being forgotten. I didn't yell or anything, but i did say i was sad. He apologized but i still feel sad. No longer at him but just sad in general. Sigh. 

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5 Responses Sep 2, 2009

we have the same Birthday :) i always get mad when people forget it because it is a really easy one to remember!

thank you guys

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

everybody (minus my partner) including my sister forgot my birthday this fact hardly anyone ever does anything for my birthdays and I do A LOT for other people on partner says I'm a doormat but I like to give..

There are times in life things like birthdays bother us if no one calls or does not make a cake or no gifts it can be sad.I feel bad for you too.I think he should make it up to you.One thing you could do is buy yourself something and buy a cake ask him over and sing happy birthday even if it's late.There is more then one way to cheer your self up.I have baked my own cake and it feels good.Please don't be sad.My daughters birthday is today.I am having her party on the 12th,I wish you could come I would hug you both and be happy to share her cake.<br />
Happy Birthday,and I wish you the best this year!<br />