Ok, I Admit I Love Coffee

I love to drink coffee.It wakes me up in the mornings!Im sitting here drinking coffee right now as i type this!I love my coffee with sugar and cream..Ok pass me a hot cup of coffee!

wildjeep wildjeep
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 25, 2008

I share your sentiment. If you cut me, I'd probably bleed coffee. I have found a healthier gourmet coffee that I also get discounts to purchase as a preferred customer and also get paid for drinking. Since I'm going to drink coffee, I just as well get paid for it. It is delicious and StarBucks quality, without the StarBucks price. It is healthier because it contains ganoderma (Google it). Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows in China that is known for its medicinal properties. It was once only used by kings and emperors, but is now in Organo Gold's coffees, teas, lattes, mochas, and hot chocolate. If you would like to learn more go to mhorganogold.organogold.com