What be this, a pumpkin coach

with gold about its trim

A team, majestic horses white

Oh pray, who waits within

For on this eve, o’ shimmered moon

Of fireflies at play

My heart, be still o’er moments come

Such beauty on display

A peek from out the window

Reveals a crowd, dressed so fine

Men in coat tails, women in jewels

A much richer world than mine

My moment to step out is arrived

Within these palace walls

Oh, but how I've dreamed about

The wonder of such dazzling Balls

When appears a slipper, glass

A gown of flowing sheen

Eyes to dance a midnight waltz

Mine eyes, per chance a dream

Her charm precedes all lookers on

A’ float her style does sing

Upon the staircase, marble smooth

And soft angelic wings

My eyes, they land upon him

'Tis him I came to see

This Prince so full of charm

Now approaches here to me

His dark eyes now shine brightly

As stars fallen from the night

His warm smile wrapt about me

My hand now holds his tight

Your hand in mine, of silken feel

So light upon your feet

The ball, of every name now known

I stare, your lips so sweet

If only but to share one kiss

My kingdom, you would own

For not as time does bring such joy

An angel I have known

This dizziness is overwhelming

As we spin about the room

My feet a' float upon a cloud

A love for him doth bloom

At last my luck is turning

Fortune measured in love, not gold

I so long to kiss my Prince Charming

But do I dare be so bold?

I close my eyes, your lips divine

to lean in for a kiss

When suddenly the clock strikes twelve

And all does seem amiss

You change before my frightened eyes

Become a man so clear
sleyblakes sleyblakes
Dec 11, 2014