Are we really so delusional that we believe this country will be better off in the new year? It truly amazes me how all the government backed media has to do to convince the liberal public " all is well" is to publish or announce a trumped up national opinion poll result saying as such. When to the conservative eye things are viewed much more clearly! Obamacare has only began it's ugly head out of the waters of deceit , yet a most unpleasant surprise awaits those subjected it. But alas Obamacare will be just the tip of the iceberg that will emerge in the coming year. Prepare yourself America the storm of a life time is on the horizon!
Bonnie1934 Bonnie1934
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3 Responses Dec 28, 2013

2013 was bad I didn't think it could get worse. So I waited for 2014 thinking things would be better. Well 2014 is here and things are actually worse. We are only making it by on the grace of God.

it does seem that our rights are slowly slipping away.....

It's sad and unrealistic of you to feel so negative!

Reality is based on the life that fate dealt you, my reality is not yours, judge not least you be judged.

I judge nobody, I call it what it is and Obama is a liar, a thief, a traitor, and all around waste of skin piece of sh*t. I don't see you as negative but more aware of reality than those that call you negative.

He wants to take America down......I don't think he is patriotic.......I don't think he loves America. Him or Hillary.