do you know how they have these 12 step programs or 13 step programs whatever you call it I just wish that they had a program to help peopI get off there computer i  have the Internet monkey on my back all the time ha ha I'm on my computer 10 hours may be more a day depending on what I'm doing I guess where I can easily get on the computer about eight o'clock in the morning and the next thing I know it is 11 o'clock at night I swear this to be true I do everything I mean everything on the computer the computer is my life my world I spend more time in virtual reality than I do in real life if I'm not sitting in front of a computer I start having withdrawals  like a junkie I need my fix my computer fix ha ha it is so true you would not believe it 
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I need that program myself... DO you think I can get the computer version?> LOL

yes I also LOL must be very especial to can't get computer off your mind....haha....try gardening after waking up, then hide the computer under the bed, go out jogging and forget where you put the computer...hehe

that might be a good thing but number one my computer is a desktop and number two my computer is right in front of my bed so when I wake up in the morning I see it but that is a good idea you have thank you

hehe....let's put the desktop hidden inside the refrigerator if it fits there....Ohh...I'm kidding....Well, I'll just let the thieves go inside the the house and get the desktop, I'll ask them to hide it from me