Computers Part Two

I do not know  this for a fact Jack but I think in my opinion I have logged so many hours on my computer that if I was a pilot flying planes i probably be an ace by now ha ha
I use my computer to play games I love me games going to Facebook a lot going to twitter to and my yearbook and to Amazon to order my DVDs and stuff like that and YouTube to watch videos and use it to order pizza to there are many functions for a computer these days a person can use the computer if their a person that cannot get out of their house for whatever reason the computer can be a  very good companionship.... computer can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you use it for ha ha some people say that technology is good and other people say that technology is bad. Depending on whom you are talking to I guess it can be a good thing depending on what you're using for in some cases it's a very good but you also have to remember that a computer is like anything else it needs TLC like your TV VCR DVD player cassette player they need to be clean every once in a while depending on how much you use it the more you use it the more claiming it needs like a DVD or a cassette player you don't clean it the wheels becoming Manganties which is a bad thing because once you wheels becoming magnetizedties you cannot demagnetized them and another thing you have to be careful about is downloading viruses I currently have a virus i'm thinking because I do not have a antivirus protection program on my computer right now because I do not have the money to have one but I'm thinking that I do have one because of the things number one every time I go to a website every single time it says page cannot be found number two is when I go to a page and leave it idle for a few minutes it goes weird on me I don't know if anybody understands that and numbers three my voice-recognition software is not working right I usually end up yelling at the computer like a madman I can only imagine what my next door neighbors think and is going on in here
topdog1109 topdog1109
46-50, M
Jun 27, 2011