This Is My Computer Story

my day starts out my computer day starts out like any other day LOL I get up in the morning and I usually spend about 10 or 15 hours on the computer nonstop now if I could just figure out how to eat and go to the bathroom without leaving my computer I would be very very happy indeed those are the good old days these days my computer is acting the fool LOL it is very very sick these day I have it on life support systems LOL now back in the day when I was actually connected to the Internet through high-speed Internet service these day I only have dial up which is okay don't get me wrong but it is really hard to spend 10 or 15 hours a day on my computer like I used to I really do miss those days believe you me I do I really truly do with God's help I know I can get back to those days again I just thank God above that I am actually able steal able to get out on the Internet again truly I am but since I have only have dial-up I really miss listening to the radio all day long and playing my games on Facebook and pogo too back in the day I really did like playing my games on Facebook and playing my games on pogo so since I only have a limited amount of speed at my fingertips LOL I'm reduced to going to Facebook and twitter and meet me a.k.a. my yearbook and some of the other profiles that I have on the World Wide Web like I used to and I am still able to do but now instead of playing my games like I used to with high speed Internet I am now reduced to involving myself in so-called conversation LOL I still do go to Facebook and twitter and meet me a.k.a. my yearbook LOL and other profiles I have around the web I can only post blogs and stories and participate in conversations until I get my high speed Internet back but for now I thank God above for at least I am still able to get out on the Internet which is a good thing because I have the Internet monkey on my back LOL at least I am not in a dark alley somewhere hitting little old lady over the head just to get my next Internet fix LOL so now I can actually see how many people actually read my stories and my blog and comment on them because before when I was able to play my games I was really not interested in what people said or thought about me I just mind my own business and kept to myself and played my online games because let's face it boy's and girls people are not really interested in what I have to say and that ain't no lie if I am lying I am dying and if I'm dying I am flying LOL... well that's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it
topdog1109 topdog1109
46-50, M
Aug 23, 2012