Sharing a shopping oppurtunity!

Hello, My name is Susan,

I'm a married woman with 2 children.

I enjoyed alot of different lifestyles growing up. I realizie that being isolated in a closet and not being sure of whom you are could be quite a struggle. I just want to share a discreet shopping experience with you all.

I sell AVON. Avon has a new feature on my website called "Virtual Makeover". You can select from several different photos or UPLOAD YOUR OWN PHOTO and do a complete make-over in the privacy of your own space.

If your just starting to realize you might like to see what that bright red lipstick would look like on you or maybe even that gorgeous gold eyeliner looks like on YOU, this is the place for you. I was confused most of my life as to who or what I might be. Your average AVON LADY i'm NOT! But I want to be able to help others that might be shy about asking questions about something that might make them feel good about themself. In this day and age ANYTHING goes!

I invite you to come give yourself a private virtual makeover...even invite a friend! If you decide to buy I will supply you with a FREE SHIPPING code and your merchandise will be shipped direct from Avon to your doorstep. I'm always available to ask questions to as well. If you would like a current catalog or any samples just hit the "contact me" button on my website. "LOVE IS NEVER WRONG"melissa etheridge...

Start selling today! Receive 40% off your first 4 orders and oppurtunitys for loads of bonus money! Work your own hours & FIRE YOUR BOSS! reference code:susanleonard




I do and I love it!




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Jan 21, 2010