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I Am A Crossdresser Witha Story

I A confession

I am a full time crossdresser.I dress and live as a female 24/7.i have long blond hair down to the middle of my back.i also have real feminine breasts(46-D D.) 

i am very passable and most people accept me as confession is that i almost always use the  ladies rooms in the department stores  where i shop.

recently i was in a Menards store and i asked one of the sales girls where the ladies room was.she took me by the hand and said "right  this way mamn." she led me right into the ladies room and said "there you go" there were many other ladies there but not a one even raised an eyebrow.I went in did my thing and left.Menards  have such curtious helpful sales people.

aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 5 Responses Jan 21, 2010

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might I be bold enough to ask how you got to a 46 DD breast size? Very impressive ;-)

it is a long story sort of started wen i went thru puberty.. most guys start to grow body hair and their voice changes and they have growth spurts.not me . My pubes started swelling and got sore.even leaked a milky fluid.
laterin life my breasts started growing on their own. i found out that some herbals arealmost pure estrigen . So for years i have been taking a daily dose of these herbals .during this time my doctor said i was intersexed. said i had more female hormones than male. my body was smooth lacking hair even in my under arms. legs and arms were hairless also. very little pubic hair too. the herbals helpe4d speed up the groth of my i have said befor the herbals take time. it doesn't happen over night. but itis well worth the effort. I you saw a befor and after photo of meand how much i have changed you would not belive the difference if you were not aware of it and how much i have changed..another thing about it is that my breasts are still growing. very slowly but a bra that i wore last year is almost so tite that iwill probably have to go up another cup size soon. which i am delighted to know .

i know about Silverton. i am a sometimes rail fan and i have their tape about the train that goe to silverton.

I live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (Portland, Salem, Eugene area) and there's a nearby town called Silverton. It's Mayor is a crossdresser and has become quite nationally known. He is married to a nice lady and I would suppose that they have wonderful sex! Whether he's had implants or injections, I don't know but he does have nice boobs. I've met him, talked with him and he's a very nice person. I find it all very interesting!!

i have nice boobs too.i am a46-DD and i love having big
breasts. Big breasts play a big part in making a woman a woman.

ha ha funny you swhould say that. i went into a mens room that way and one of the guys said <br />
hey your in the wrong room arn't you? <br />
i tolod him i assure you i have the right plumbing for this room here. they just laughed and said ok.

i think its ok if you use the ladies room , if i was in your shoes i would be scared to use the mens room , you kinnda leave your self open to all kinda of mential abuse that way