Convicted And Crucified!

Okay here is the entire story from the beginning. I went up to Skillman Street Pub one night looking for old man Larry to see if I could borrow some money, since I had just gotten laid off. I couldn't find him but a certain someone who used to run the bar asked me why I was looking for him and when I explained it said that they would give me some money for dropping a package off to the band at O'Reilly's. I informed him that I needed the money, but unfortunately didn't have a ride. He left and returned with the manager from the spot across the street, who said that he would take me because he was going there to see the band anyway. I said cool and he handed me a black bag like a small hygiene bag and told me who I was to give it to. He then gave me two $10 sacks of weed, said it was mine and handed me fifty bucks also. So away we went to O'Reilly's, I caught up with the band member I was to meet, handed him the package and that concluded my part of the deal. They were so happy to get the package that after the first set, he brought me the black bag back and started to buy me shots and beers for free. Later one of the band members called me outside to go smoke some weed with him, that's when my ride came out and said let's go. Turns out that there was going to be a party at his house after the bars closed. So we left and on the way I fell asleep. I woke up with a police officer pulling me from the car seat. They found the two sacks of marijuana that I had (they gave me a misdemeanor charge for this). They also found the black bag that I thought was empty and in it they found one small baggie of cocaine, barely enough to even turn blue (they charged me with possession of a controlled substance less than one gram for this). I plead no contest to the charge in order to get adjudicated probation to try an have the felony charge taken off my record. I completed all of my community service and other obligations and even graduated from school while on probation. The only part that I was having trouble with were the fees. I explained to my probation officer that I was barely paying rent on my apartment since my job had given everyone a mandatory 10% decrease in pay. She said not to worry about it and asked for an extension. At this time I was going to court with my landlord for non-payment of rent, which I had started to pay in two parts just to get it paid. I explained this on every visit to my PO...I never missed a visit. So when the time came up for probation to be over I still owed money. Because of this I was violated for non-payment, the adjudication was removed and I was stuck with a felony charge! CONVICTED...CRUCIFIED...AND WAITING TO BE RISEN FROM THE DEAD!
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2011

Wow, I didn't realize you only had until your probation is over to pay. My attorney said to make payments even a little at a time so there wouldn't be any problems. I'll have to start payments soon when my sentencing date is done. I don't know how long my probation will be. That really sucks what happened to you. The system has a way of keeping people down.

The system is very backwards. I feel your pain.