On The Way......to What?

A year ago I was drinking and lost control of my vehicle going over 2 other lanes of traffic and almost crashing into a building. My boyfriend was a passenger and he was injured with a couple of bones broken in his back. He is fine today, thank God. I had a broken nose, cracked sternum, and a crushed ankle. I remember being mad at the cars that wouldn' t let me in my turn, so I sped up to cut in front of people but lost control so I crossed the 2 lanes that didn't have traffic but the speed was too much too control my vehicle.  5 months later I was summoned to court for Vehicular Assault. I was close to graduating college for my bachelor's in social welfare. I did continue my case and was able to graduate. I am on EHM for 3 months and working a part time job that I have been at for over 2 years, they had to move me to a graveyard shift to stay employed there. But now searching for full time employment I am not allowed to work in most areas of the social welfare field. I still don't know what field I can work in. I've applied to a variety of jobs with no luck. No one has told me if the felony has affected their decision. There is so much competition in the job market now and I assume they will hire people with clean records first. Before this happened I never had a clue what felons go through after serving time. It is sad and heartbreaking when people repent and pay but still aren't given a chance to live a normal life.
bjbrisen bjbrisen
Aug 3, 2011