I am a repeat offender.  Life has really kicked my butt, and every time I find myself up against a wall I commit some kind of crime.  I cannot find employment, therefore I resort back to bad habits just to survive.  I would do just about anything to gain employment...this is the root of all of my current problems.
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I am also a repeat offender. I have 3 felons dating from 1990 to 2003. I was the same way you are or were. i resorted to crime to survive. But while I was locked up for 18 months I came to realize the Govnerment has its ways of benefiting on the ones that keep going back. 1. is they pay so much a day to house us and charge the tax payers double so they make a little money. 2. so states put inmates out picking up trash on the hwys so they get there roads cleaned for free. You have to tell yourself they aren't going to benefit from you anymore and stay out. Use them and benefit from them. This is what I have done. As you know its hard for us to feed our familys because of the low paying jobs we get so get food stamps and public housing. The state is fixing to pay for me a fun ride through a WIA program for truck driving school. Just know God has a plan for you and find it. Its not going to be easy. Stay away from depression which I know can be hard at times. When i find myself going into depression and no one is around I find something to do to take my mind off of my problem until my wife is around so I can talk with her and have her get me through it. Because if I don't talk to her and her help me get through it it effects her and the rest of my family because I shut them out when I am depressed. Just try these things and see how it works for you. Good luck and I will be praying for you.

Hi Christyna;<br />
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Thanks for your reply; real crapy day and I appreciate your input. Another lady wrote me and told me about some self help CDs and they were very powerful. <br />
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Have you also been convicted of a crime? I hope all is working for you. If so, what have you done to inprove your situation?<br />
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Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thanks again.<br />
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