Conspiracy Felony Looking For Some Strenght Facing Possible Jail Time!

im 30 yrs old married two girls and currently charged with a conspiracy to marihuana distribution. i have my final court january 25th im worried for myself my family. we have decided to face the problem it is real hard seeing what we have lost i was the only contributor to the house everithing has changed. reading through everyones stories made me realize that whatever we pay in jail does not compare for what we have to face when we get out as im seeing on your experiences we are out of society for life our felon record does not help at all. i just want to tell you that most of you are lucky to be out already you guys made it thats amazing i wish i was already in your situation OUT OF THE PROBLEM!!! Im praying to god to help me i have always been good to people, family, friends.  I grew up in juarez, mexico but i was born in el paso tx. came to the united states 15 yrs ago went to high school and graduated from college with i will probably never use my diploma but i dont care as long as im free with my family. i could have just gone to mexico with my family but i would not be making the right thing. I want to start over if i could do what  i was doing for so long i could do anything i dont care where i have to start again. its been a night mare since federal agents arrested me at home in front of my wife i spent three weeks in jail county its horrible but i think jail made me stronger it makes you see what you threw out the window man! you miss everything it makes you realize what we have lost but anyway i believe there is hope for everone as long as u are out and healthy i believe the rest works itself out if u are doing the right things the right way take care pray for me!! 
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1 Response Dec 13, 2011

Good luck brother. I have 3 felonies and the last one I got was in 2003 and its hard for me at times, but you can't let it bother you or you will spend more time depressed and that won't be good on your family at all. So all I can say is you have to look at it like this. You have to know when this is over the court and all their will be somebody out there to give you a 2nd chance. Also know whatever happens God has a plan for you. You just have to find it. I have been out since 2004 and off probation since 2009 and I am still searching for his plan for me. The days are hard but some how God gets me through it.