Felons Are Discriminated!

I admitted to 3lbs of pot in my car.   A negotiated plea, because I was scared to death to fight it.  Oh well took my sentence.....worst of all....every job application flags felons.....DISCRIMINATION.....I lost my job of 15 years and all that goes with it.  The judge sentenced me, why am I continuously sentenced by the world.  I shall continue to send letters to media, tv shows, etc.  It is totally unfair.  Casey Anthony walks free and clear, and we are told to accept the legal decision.  Why can't we be accepted?  Write to EEO, senators, media, etc.  We must do something now!
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5 Responses Mar 26, 2012

It's sad you have to pay over and over again!

Felons..cannot vote,bear arms etc...

I don't recall the constitution excluding felons from civil rights. What about the privacy act. Open information for all to view criminal records. In 2013 the medical association demands HIPPA rules for privacy......are felons excluded? Hell no, because felons money is accepted.

You are great.....I tried to have it pardoned, expunged, etc. In Phila. it is not the governor who pardons, it is a board of pardons who deny me because when I was 18, I had a misdemenor of underaged drinking, that was to be thrown out,,,,,,,but it still counts.

There is hope.get it expunged or governors parden,it will be costly but better to get your civil rights reinstated than have to live with stigma of a felon in this economy.a sincere best of luck to you,your not a criminal for having a plant in your possession,just the wrong period in time that makes it illegal.

I hope you received my reply....I'm new at this, and all my esteem is shot.