Against The Law To Ask On Job Applications "do You Have A Criminal Record?"

I did in fact write to Congress, and information was forwarded to me....that is discrimination.....places not in compliance are: some hospitals, many corporations. Report them. Make Noise. We must survive. Virtua hospital asks about a simple misdemeanor. The only people without one are those who never got caught. Come off it! We all make mistakes.
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and i definitely agree but do you have any input about "must pass background check"?
no authority (including lawyers) has ever told me about your info. sign me federal felon, 20 yrs w/out a full time job. thankx for any response.

It's against the law to ask if you have ever been convicted….? How do companies get away with that? Their job applications are online. In fact, I've never seen an online job application that DIDm't have this question.

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