Jobsite For Felons

I've created a website for those with a criminal history. Visit, Check out our jobs, if your interested, sign up! If you don't find anything in your area or specialty, let me know and ill search for you. Hope this helps.

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2 Responses Nov 15, 2012

I Kenneth Mapp is a convicted felon and I'm very stressed because I always get rejected when I turned around at interviews after they run a back ground check

If you care to visit our website, email us with your location (zip code) and we'll target a search in your area. Then see if there is anything that you're interested in. Good luck with your search!

WR Team

I would like to view the web site but I had a problem getting into it. I have a few felons on my team that need help

Never got notice of your reply. Can you see the website now?