The Debt Never Paid.

18 years ago I shook my 4 month old son, who is doing fine in an adoptive family as far as I know. I served 4.5 years of a 10 year sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections. I've been out for over 10 years, with no further issues. However, the prosecutor got her wish. My life has been destroyed. I'm unemployed, virtually completely broke, and in the current economy, I see no real hope for finding work. I recently found out that I'm a prime candidate for a governor's pardon, but I can't even afford the attorney that get's good results.

It's been a long, hard road. I've worked hard to become someone of solid integrity, who tries to help his community. Yet for all my positive efforts, it seems to mean nothing to this society that judges us on our greatest failing, instead of our positive accomplishments.

I have many handy skills, but no formal training or certifications in anything. Just trying to keep me afloat has devastated my family financially. I'm honestly grasping at straws.
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46-50, M
1 Response Jun 28, 2013

Maybe try volunteering, this will give you a purpose and keep you growing, it should help with building more contacts which may lead to employment, it may be hard but you have to widen your social circle. maybe church, a lot of jobs come from word of mouth. Keep your chin up. I hope you find something soon.