Stupid Mistake Of My Life

Back in 2007 I messed my life up wait I mess so many lives up it is not funny. I was convicted of identity theft (3 counts) against my ex-husband - ya not the brightest move. What was weird about the whole thing I never got arrested. The detective left his business card on my door. I knew what it was for, so I went to the police station and told him everything. I don't know if the detctive thought I was nuts. But I saw no point in lying. It was stressing me out enough. After he took my statement he showed up at every hearing and took my side. He pleaded with the DA for no jail time. (First time offender but wow 3 counts) the DA agreed. I got 18 months probation which I was let out of early. I owe a lot to that detective. But now to the crappy part. Because of the dumb crap I did I lost everything. Just like I'm sure ya 'all did, so I won't babble on about that. I now live in another state.
For some crazy reason I am going to file for a pardon. My ex had written letters on my behalf a few years ago so I could get jobs etc. We don't talk now since I had to turn him into the DEA and Homeland Security (he goes to Mexico every day for work) because he was bringing medication for other people across the border and wanted to do it for our son. I didn't trust him - revenge and all - so I felt it best to cover my butt and since I had it in writing I let them know. I couldn't take the chance of him getting me in any trouble. Well ya he didn't like that very much. Got in huge trouble at work and with DEA etc. So writing for a pardon is well just gotten a bit awkward.
To throw one more ball of fun in the mix I have a closed head injury (3 yrs ago) from hitting my head on concrete. Spelling is bad (I typed this in word first) and well I have trouble speaking when I am stressed. I talked to the Pardon office and if they do consider it I have to go back to that state. I don't have medical insurance so I don't get any treatment so no records yay. Just what knowledge I and my husband have from being retired FF/EMT's ya that is the job I wrecked. I am a moron. I don't even know what to say to them. I can't remember even what month things happened unless I look at paperwork. I am thinking of going to a community hospital to see if I can get help so I have proof to show them that I am not faking that I have a serious head trauma. I am so lost.
Sorry if this was too long.
Loneowl Loneowl
46-50, F
Sep 20, 2013