Rookie Felon, Need Help

In 2011 took a plea, class d felony invasion of privacy. Young adult early twenties...first offense and was ******, small town bull ****.
On probation now and I feel like my life is over...I have no drivenow... My goal was to be an RN and those dreams are over. Idk what kind of career or job I could even have now. :-(
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26-30, F
4 Responses Nov 13, 2013

not true you can have your rights restored the medical profession is the most forgiving you'll be alright just don't give up. i have several friends that are RNs and they are felons its just tougher

I know that is big probem for ex-felons to find decent job. If someone made a mistake, he should not suffer for it forever. So there are nice peoples who care for those peoples, and made a website that could give them a chance. Visit site xamire , and find job for yourself, beacuse everoone should have it.Best regards

What'd you do?

Sorry baby. While you can not be a nurse there are many things you can do. Most people are going to forgive a mistake made in youth. Go talk to a career advisor at the local college. They can be very helpful in finding a new goal.