Unbelievable! See What Walmart Is Up To Now.

Yesterday, I went along with one of my neighbors doing her errands. One of them was she had to pick up a prescription at the local Walmart.

While waiting on line at the Walmart Pharmacy, they had some nurses at a table mini flu shot clinic and were giving out free flu shots, like they do lately every fall,.... but one difference this year....the Walmart employee behind the counter, she's a pharmacy tech, told me  They don't accept Medicaid insurance now, so she was turned away!  WTF....So now she and many of her coworkers who get paid such low wages they all qualify for Medicaid can't get free flu shots at their own place of employment!
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1 Response Sep 22, 2013

It's really time to boycott the Giants and give local stores some support.....permanently.

Wealth to China must be avoided and every time people buy Chinese goods, they're giving China wrecklessly more power. WALMART'S notorious for selling cheap Chinese products (which have no regulation)....the Chinese are consciously killing their own (because there has to be some population control, right?) as well as all those others who are buying their toxic products.......

That also goes for not re-electing any incumbents in politics (they're too big for their own boots and are jaded in the second term of office with hidden agendas that only serve themselves; the legislators). Sorry if this seems irrelevant....it's not.....these Giants and our government are working together to scratch each other's backs....certainly not ours.....here endeth the lesson on Walmart ...et al.