I’m a 46 years old single, also can call “cougar”, I am a SWF, never married, no children, and quite content with that. I also had thought find a person to marry, then plain through this life. but I’m not willing to ,If I don’t find my true love, I will always alone .
But my mother and friends was very worried for my single life. They helped me sign up a account on a cougar dating site.
We first met on that cougar dating site,he sent message to me.
then,we email each other and talked on the phone for a year and really developed a mental bond.
Then,we met in real life,We meet in a coffee shop. I sit at a table, shredding a napkin. I am, in short, dreading this. I am not sure if I am striking the right note. A dress seemed too formal (he is, after all, young), a skirt maybe too provocative, a trouser suit too businesslike. I’ve gone for a shirt and jeans, but now I feel so Home Counties I am sure he will take one look at me and run.
Finally, we decided together, We're married last month and live a happiness life. I find that I'm more in love with him. I really appreciate the site -www.seekacougar.com When I lost faith in love and want to give up ,you give me wonderful love and marriage.
There are plenty of rich and successful younger men and beautiful and charming cougar out there, they only want to find a life partner to love and be in a romantic relationship.
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Is the site absolutely free?

Lets get wild , Naked & get Married

Is that the truth? I am cougar and have registered to hot cougarlove.com, sure hope to get the same as you!