Pretty Wild.

Normally, I don't ever get serious crazy dreams. This one is so different and-well, EPIC. It practically lasted for hours and I'm sorry to say I forgot some of the parts.

It starts off with a young adult named Jet Teq. ( Poofy Black hair, pale, denim jacket, white t-shirt, brown pants, and a giant sword across his back. ) The government is sending him to this different dimension to receive something called the 7 Colors of Truth to supposedly save their near apocalyptic world. In the beginning there is this huge cave-like entrance in the bluffs. You could line up a couple of airplane's in it. It's night and everything is slate colored. Even the two guards of the entrance who are dressed in ancient warrior-like attire. Inside the entrance though, is a desert with red/orange sand. The sun is rising inside and the sky is such a vivid red, the sun as well. The guards send him in, and without looking back he goes for a couple of miles.

He soon meets a girl named Lillith. ( Long Red hair, brown and white tank top, tan, black shorts, dagger at her hip. ) He figures many people must have been sent in to retrieve the so-called 7 colors of Truth. As it turns out, Lillith falls in love with him though he doesn't bother trying to figure it out or even concern himself with loving feelings. After a while, they encounter a gigantic sand worm. With agile movements, Jet slays the worm to bits and pieces with Lillith's help. His style of fighting with the sword is very strange, sometimes angular looking, or fluid-like. Not to mention lots of jumping/gliding.

Sometime later, they cross into a new dimension. It's like the Arctic. The ground is a white/blue color being made up of almost all ice with little snow. The sky above is clouded and blue. This time, they encounter a golem-like creature. They see what appears to be two 5 year olds fighting. One is fighting as if they were a deadly hunter, the other was simply crawling all over the golem, picking at it's weak spots and eyes. They assist and soon befriend the two. Hanbel ( Long wavy black hair with straight across bangs, pale, pink dress and black leotard underneath. ) and Allister ( Longish black hair, blue t-shirt, same leotard, pale, and brown shorts. ) They find out Hanbel is actually a young adult herself and that the boy Allister is really the 5 year old.

This is where the disturbing comes in. They find themselves back in a desert-like place. Regular Sand littered with boulders and pebbles, and a yellow sun. They climb up what appears to be a gigantic Levi, where inside the water is green and polluted with dead bodies floating in it. They're very much horrified, though they may not show. Strangely enough, around this time Jet is taking a liking toward Lillith. They work hard to find a way to cross the Levi and to get the town they see ahead. It involved stepping into what was like a box filled with water and a head and arm wading in it. Then some how they jump into a strange looking bathtub floating in the river. It had two roses on one side. The third being eaten by a swarm of ants. At this time, Allister was almost killed by a tentacle-beast in the water and they all hurried to the other side of the Levi, where Lillith discovered she picked up a venomous pet. It was like a red and orange striped chameleon with bottle green eyes. The dream skips to where they are in the town. Only to discover dead bodies once more. Mainly inside all the long wooden houses. They walk around for a while, before a gun shot is fired at them.

They look ahead to see a man. Jet and the man had a battle till Hanbel stepped in and pinned him down. They soon discovered his name was Morgue (Short Black hair, tan, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, white tank-top, blue plaid, and blue jeans. Also had a black bandanna around his face-now in a pocket. ) and he was also sent to retrieve the 7 Colors of Truth. Allister and Lillith ask what happened with the town and why he was here. He refused to answer, a dark look on his face. He mumbled something about- "Something Bad Happened... Something Bad." They gathered all the resources they could tell weren't contaminated and camped a few miles away.

They were all sitting around a camp fire, Jet  and Morgue were cross-legged. Lillith was rather close to Jet ( He didn't seem to mind at all. ), and Hanbel and Allister were between Jet and Morque. Around this time, it became evident Hanbel liked Morgue. He chuckled and leaned towards her saying, "I bet you like me." She denied- simply stating that she admired him for his strength with a furious blush. Morgue laughed and said for her to wait a few years then come back. Turning even redder she stated she was well old enough to be in a relationship, making him lean towards her again and say they didn't even have to wait then. This ensued to laughter all around.

Morgue had showed them something then. He said he figured it wouldn't hurt. He pulled out what looked like a thin blade with a round knob at the end instead of a handle. He said it was the 7 Colors of Power. He tried to bring it to the government, but they banished the assassin here with it saying they wanted only the 7 Colors of Truth. They other four didn't exactly believe him but put aside the feeling.

Day later, is when they were back in the Arctic like land. Hanbel and Morgue had a strange loving relationship as well as Jet and Lillith. They were assaulted by a band of Golems. A battle was fought, long and hard. They discovered Morque could use the 7 Colors of Power. It was like throwing a dagger with it stopping and a huge web expanding when all connections shot out in points, incinerating whatever touched it that was considered an enemy. Jet had witnessed firsthand when trapped. Watching as a pulse of color went about and causing an intense flame of destruction within the golems. Unfortunately, when the battle was done, so was Allister. His middle had been crushed and Hanbel was was in pieces trying to wake him up. Morque had picked her up whispering to her which stopped her wailing to go into sobs. They buried him and unfortunately had to continue with the journey if they didn't want to be killed again. The entire time Morgue had carried Hanbel and the two had been whispering.

Days passed again and they found them self in a dark colored world with high arches. There- a group had been waiting for them. A truly epic battle had begun. Golems, Gargoyles, and all other kinds of creatures. Hours had passed by and they were tiring. It was because of this tiring that Hanbel had died and Morgue was wounded to the near point of death. Lillith managed to escape a fatal wound and instead was forced to bandage her side and not be able to move for dies. Morgue and hanbel were facing each other. It was clear they said last words to each other as they were holding hands. Though Morgue still had breath despite blood gushing from the mouth and innards. He brought Jet close and gave him the 7 Colors of Power as well as something new. The entire time he had been hiding a bird in his inner pocket. It was a tiny-Pelican like bird patterned in red and deep blue. Morgue gave his consent for him and Lillith to own the creature and 7 Colors of Power. Jet had exposed his feelings to Lillith as Morque had died. During the whole time he had been emotionless as a rock. Only irritated with their rough-housing. He buried them as they were.

Instead he cried and talked to Lillith about everything-and I mean EVERYTHING. Instead of days, weeks passed. And Lillith had recovered for the most part, but Jet still carried her on his back. while his sword was on her back. They soon found that a forest type field was coming up next in ahead of the dark world they were in. During the time they were discussing how the tiny bird they owned could suck in water and spew it out like a fire hydrant or shower. Resulting in a good cleaning. They also discussed that in this dimension something could be targeting them, or even the government for whatever reason. Before they could even fully walk into the forest, a basilisk like creature had attacked. The one who died this time was Lillith due to injury. Jet didn't even get to say his last words for she died to quickly. Out of fury not only did he kill the beast, but in the process mauled him to his death. Causing the most pain before burying Lillith and then setting the beasts skull as the head of her grave.

The dream continues on with him wondering the forest with his bird companion. It's been weeks again and he managed to build a secluded spot with bamboo like structure. In the noon, he took a shower with the bird spewing the tremendous amount of water he had in a sprinkling fashion. Jet started talking to himself and even towards the bird. How he said it was his fault and that no one would've died. He even started saying he regretted it. The time he was talking. the water temperature would change. When he got sad, it was cold. When he mellowed out, it was luke-warm. And when he started saying it was his fault? The bird actually made a raging sound and the water turned blistering hot. Turning around he saw the bird changed a violent red with black jagged stripes. And when he calmed it returned back to it's blue and red state. Jet continued talking before he finally realized.

The bird WAS the 7 Colors of Truth and Morgue didn't even know it when he gave it to him. He chuckled sadly and stated the fact. Somehow, he found the bird dissolved away and he found himself in a black windowless, door-less, and yet with some strange light- room. In his hand was a measuring cup filled with a see-through rainbow colored drink. The bottom of it was filled with a powder that didn't seem to be affected. Then Jet had apparently got the urge to drink it because he did. He even somehow drink the powder. How I don't know. Anyway, he blacked out again and found himself in his modern world in the pathway he traveled to get to the Dimension's entrance. The dream cut off with him wondering what he was going to do, now that the 7 Colors of Truth were inside him.

And THAT my friends, is the craziest dream I've ever had. The feeling was so intense too when I had this dream! I felt extremely sad when many of the people died. I even woke up teary-eyed. I wonder if I'll actually have a continuation of this dream. I also wonder if I should write a story based on this. What do you think? :D

And just in case I am sooo copy-writing this. Dunno why but I feel I should. O___O -THIS IS COPY-RIGHTED TO SONYA a.k.a LAWLOMUFFINS!-

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Jun 29, 2010