Beat Up A Relative And Kissed A Girl?.....

I was in my garage in Texas. There was an extra car that had never been in the garage, a newer one. (I have not lived in the house since 1995). It seemed fine the first time I looked at it. Some time passed, not sure how long, but the next thing I knew there were bugs all over the car. Cat food that had been next to the car had been ripped out of the bag and spilt all over the floor.
I was in my current room, but somehow inside the house. I was cleaning my room for some big event.  I did not want to disappoint the angry voice I could hear outside who was talking about how there was no excuse for the house being a mess. The voice ended up being my father who came into my room and said it looked fine and he was not talking about me.
There were a lot of people in the next room getting ready for a wedding. Some relative was talking and I was walking in the room behind her. I'd never seen her before, but she was saying awful untrue things about me. I asked her what the hell she was saying. Unsatisfied with her answer I hit her with a bottle of wine, and my fists. I told my brother he had better get her out of here. I was scared every time I saw a police car pass on the street, waiting to be arrested for assault charges as I was getting ready for the wedding. (Still have no clue who's wedding this was). I got ready, and the family had been obviously gossiping about what I had done. No one really talked or even looked at me.
My current boyfriend and I were going to some sort of party. We got there and it was odd. Several rooms in an apartment all with something different going on. He wandered into one room, and I stayed in the main room. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him laying down with a couple of people, did'nt really know what he was doing. Then this cute girl started flirting with me, and we made out. She said I was the most amazing kisser. After what felt like several min's, I excused myself to go get my boyfriend. He was on this weird massage table with people rubbing his legs. I grabbed him and we went to a room with no one in it. I told him what I had done, and he was upset. He did'nt really know what to say. I woke up.

Any ideas what this could mean?
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Wow...that's a weird dream. You should post it in the Dreams section. People go there and interpret each other's dreams sometimes.