Girl Sleepover

So i was on my i pod on a friday and my sister comes into my room. I said what, she said makeover. So we went to her room with her friend nicole. So she gave me a very tight black and pink skirt. It was so tight and small you could see my penis. It was not even hard. Thé skirt was to tight. My sister said pût it away. I could she said you better. So i did. She gavé me a blonde wig. À pink shirt with ruffles and makeup.. We then. Party all night. We did each others haïr and nails. I had à brade in m'y hair and pink nail poilish. Then bed. :(
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9 Responses Jul 24, 2012

you lucky i had 5 brothers no sisters

Wow ! You are so lucky

Did you get pix?!

Does anyone know of any good cross dressing chat rooms please ?

I'm so envious of you, I grew up with 5 brothers before my 'sister' was born, 10 yrs. later.
I've loved the feel of my Mom's lingerie, so silky-soft and lacy, but ONLY when no one else was at home. Now, at 63, I enjoy wearing nylon panties 24/7 & a lacy nylon nightie & nylon briefs at night to sleep in--PURE HEAVEN!!!!

wish my sister would have done that with me.

wait how old were you when this happened

ok i wish i lived with you

y r u sad at the end

i like you so far with your stories so add me