I am on the other side, I am in love with a cross dressing sissy boy!
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I so wish I could find a women like you who would also except me meeting other cross dressers to

Mee too!

Lucky him,,,, errrrr her! He is indeed lucky

there are so many crossdressing men looking for women like you

Wish my wife were like you. Your husband is one lucky gurl.

There should be a whole lot more women like you, As most cross dressers only dream of finding a female admirer

Good for you girl there should be more women like you as us cross dressing men only want to feel the delight of wearing lingerie the way you women can on a daily basis

We need more women like you!

I bet you make a great Mistress, hun. xox

luv to be an obiediant little

so glad to see there are women like you hope it last forever

I am sorry to have to say but it has ended . He just has way to many issues for me to deal with and the verbal abuse has gotten way out of hand. I hope he finds who or what he is looking for and doesn't treat them the way I was treated

sorry to hear that.I'm free anytime

I hope so too we are still together ( almost 3 years now) although it has been rough at time but I am still madly in love with him

Nothing wrong with that at all. All sissy boys need love too.

Sorry to have to say my baby has decided he doesnt want me for his mommy any longer. Says it is for my own good. My heart has been broken by his cruel way of telling me ., Never before have I been treated so mean and disgusting as what he said to me and called me. How can I possibly still love him , need him, want him so bad it hurt?

Well my wolfdog and I are talking and I hope we can work this all out. I have been so sad and lonely without him. He seems to miss me as much I don't know if things will get better when his world stops spinning out of control or not but I hope so. It would help if a certain female would fall off the planet but alas that doesn't seem to be happening. Reappearing every 2-4 months.

i'll be your sissy boy

Sorry there is only one sissy boy for me. But you will find someone who will accept and love you for who you are.

You need to spank him and demand he remain your sissy boy. Sissy's don't get away with saying anything nasty to their mommy's.
Take the upper hand and put him in his place or expose him in front of his friend if he dont stay or put some pictures on facebook exposing him.

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Yummy, go girl

He' one lucky sissy!!!