I'm not sure which way to take the meaning of this group!
I cross dress quite a bit but, my wife is in the dark about what I do. I do love my wife and we make love when I'm me, the man. So, I guess "I'm a Cross Dressing Lover."
I also, "LOVE" to cross dress. So, I guess I'm a "Cross Dressing Lover."
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2015

If it's gonna ruin things don't say anything I buy sexy things for her I like so I can wear em to.. or you could Dred on Halloween mine loved it then had me do it once in awhile for her we had hot hot sex..

try making love to your wife while wearing lingerie it is so horny if she excepts this & I believe the sex is much better

Well if your wife knows and doesnt what to see you or be around you, then ask her if its okay to meet others cders and then you can have some fun with them.

well said. X