Why Hide What Is Natural For Us

I don't see why people want to hide their natural gender.  Your natural gender is not determined by what is between your legs, but what is between your ears.   If you think and act more effeminate then you are a female, even though your body says male.   The same can be said for females who are more masculine in manner of actions.
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Oh, I like this comment which you leaved in up there, Bobbie. I agreed with you. <br />
<br />
I have both male and female side. Sometimes the male side have the control, sometime -> mostly the female side. I love to dress as a woman, like to wear makeup, want to go out with a purse (only problem, still not find the loved one... ), but even that, I like sports specially cycling and volley ball, still love some material arts so people can say its mostly manly, but the other side I love to cooking and baking, I always cry on a sad movie, or on a deeply emotional screen, and I'm a such a romantic... love the nature and some fine arts... So, I'm a woman or a man???? As I take a look at my body in ob<x>jective way, I'm a man, but in emotional level I saw myself as a woman, specially, when I dressed as I love, even if I my face is little stubbly...

It doesn't matter of what you are wearing. I wear skirts everyday. I know I am a male physically,<br />
but I also know I have a femme side. These were in conflict with what I had learned to be a man.<br />
You know boys don't cry, keep up a tough macho image, only do those things that are considered to be masculine (baseball, football, etc.) Well I didn't real FIT into that mold. I would cry at sad movies<br />
or the loss of friendships. My physical image is of a light built male, no real muscle tone. I hated sports while growing up, especially baseball. I never wanted to play rough sports. I enjoyed cooking and sewing. I enjoyed music and the arts. I loved to walk along natures paths and was excited by its natural beauty. I did however like running track. Does this make me a sissy, I don't think so. I felt I was just in to my nature. My nature included feminine aspects.<br />
Yes I wore dresses as a young boy, but I liked my electric trains. Just as today I wear my skirts,<br />
but enjoy watching funny car drag races. The feelings of machoism and feminism are a part of all of us. Each of us should strive for an equal balance of these feelings. To accomplish this you need to look at your life, it will show you where you should be or be headed toward. I have done this, it has been an exciting journey to which I don't know where it will end. I can only pray that the rest of my life brings about the changes and adventures God has intended for me.

In general, I agree with you; what is in your heat and mind is more important than your genitalia, but what about those, like me, who love to wear female clothess but always feel masculine?