Who Can Help Me?

i need help sooo bad because i have been cutting for 3 years now. Im cutting and carveing word in my self. I cut when i feel any emotion. Even if im happy and the thought of killing myself are comeing back because i cant stop and i feel alone. I hate my mom and dad for leaveing me at a young age and it kill me trying to find the idk why i want to find them though. I feel no one wants to stay in my life. I am live 2 diffrent live at home. my cutting is a secret only one persson in my family now because she tried once and has been through alot of crap also. She the only one i trust to tell it to. I cant stand me and i hate waht my life is now. I try helping other but why i cant even help myself
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4 Responses Apr 8, 2013

You can talk to me ANYTIME!!! I know what's its like....I cut...if you need someone I'm here ok?

Thank u and I will =]


who ever thanked me for the story? Ur welsome =]

Cutting's not that bad. Find an accountability partner. That's what I did. I gave my blade to a trusted friend and told him not to give it back to me. And he took it from and isn't going to give it back.

Sometimes I feel like I give out advice to others, but then don't follow it myself. It does feel strange the way it is really hard to stay happy...especially when you are alone. Send me a message anytime and we can talk if you need someone to listen! I may just be a virtual message, but I hope it's better than nothing!

thank u