How To Treat Others

Since becoming more intune with myself, and noticing what makes me happy, sad, excited, etc..I've now incorporated into my daily living a conscious effort to acknowledge the effect I have on others. But at times, I do feel kinda baffled that when I'm trying to help, I'm not received too well. And with some thought about it, I've come to realise that; A. Some people don't want to be helped. B. Often people's pride is the issue. C. They never asked for help in the first place. D. The help I offer may not be the help that person requires. How do I know these things? Because I could quite easily be referring to myself...It really is a daily learning process and not an easy one either. But through it I'm learning about myself and others, so I can't be such a bad thing :)
JoyfulPromise JoyfulPromise
36-40, F
Mar 6, 2012