Gender Congruancy Surgery

My entire life has been a roller coaster ride.  I was born with ambiguous genitalia and the attending physician decided I should be a boy.  My hormones and endocrinology system reveal I am female. 

I lived as a male in a males world completely out of place.  Next June I will have mind and body congruancy as I go in for surgery to amend the error made by a country doctor.

I've been abstinent for such a long time that I will be glad when I am totally female and can enjoy a sexual relationship.

Micayla Micayla
61-65, F
7 Responses Sep 28, 2009

One factor I did not include in my decision was my major depression. This year it has been hard and I have been so depressed I cancelled surery twice. I am working with my psychiatrist and therapist. I've been given another drug to getme back to an even keel. surgery is postponed until I am actually feeling better mentally.<br />
Some will say 'OOH NO" but I am a behavioral scientist and I know that if the mind is not well the body will not be well. Due to the depression my blood sugars are running abnormal and its important to have blood sugar levels in the healthy range or healing will not occur.

I was born intersexed too, my chromosomal arrangement is different to the average binary ones, and I have mixed genitalia at age 12 my endocrynologist chose a gender for me and commenced testosterone HRT in order to induce a male puberty, well just this week all this will change, I relate and identify with you sistren. Keep the faith...!

You are in my prayers all readY YOUNG LADY,,,<br />
God Bless

Keep me in your prayers that everythuing goes as planned and there are no snags. I can alread feel your moral support.

My prayers go out to you.<br />
Let all of US know what we can do to support you,,, and be with you.<br />
Your friend in the LORD........<br />
Just Me

Congradulations young lady.<br />
Mudt have been one hell of a roller coaster ride for you.

And in June you will be celebrating a very Happy Re-Birthday!