Kickin It N The Backseat

i met up with this guy i've known for 20 years. we met n a commuter parking lot off the side of a major highway. we were there maybe 10 minutes and we started having sex in my backseat. there was people parked right next us but we didn't care. i think the thrill of getting caught is exciting.
pinklily69 pinklily69
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2011

I remember back seat sex. Was caught once!<br />

You are a rick taker and love to ****, I love that.

We do it in backseat quite a lot. We have this perfect spot. There is a lot of traffic though. The thought of gettin caught makes it so much more fun.

That is a pretty hot story,wish you have given more details but nice story all the same.Thanks for sharing.