yesterday, my ex-boyfriend and also the father of my kids came into town. we took the kids to the park so he could spend time with them before he left again. the whole time we were there he not said more than 2 words to me. when i told him it was over ,a year ago, i still wanted to be friends. i didn't want to fight anymore. we don't need that **** with kids. he used to be my bestfriend. i could talk to him about anything. now i guess he just resents me for leaving. i guess i lost the bestfriend i ever had because the relationship didn't work out.
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Relationships do take work. People aren't perfect. Maybe something we can challenge ourselves daily with is, "What kind of unselfish act can I take today to insert some magic into my primary relationship?" Maybe like the massage. Just thinking about this.<br />

you should have offered to massage it away ( the tension)

Some people can still be friends, yet others have a hard time. For you it may be easy, but for him it might still be to painful. Maybe in time things will change. I hope things work out.

our frienship better work out. we do have 4 kids together.

U know hon. I dont wanna comment anything on your present situation but what i feel is u should not fall for your best friends, cause in the end u have a high chance u loose both. happened with me . I wished i had my friend back. She was a much better friend then a lover. Am sorry for your loss but its not entirely your fault

i know it's not all my fault. i just wasn't happy anymore. and i know he wasn't either.