Apparently I have more things to add to the list that is my father. He been refusing to talk or call back his family.
It started when his mother/ my grandmother (who I love) start live with us. We have no room for her. So she have to sleep on the couch in the living room. It was a bit adjustment for a few weeks. I say this my father don't know how to be nice, but he try to take care of her. When she and my father goes for a check up, she needed to stay in a hospital for a few days. When is was over she went on living with my other uncle family, who live few minutes drive to us. And that is when the phone calls and refusing to talk with them started. He is refusing to talk to his brothers and taking up calls from them. And now we don't answer house phone anymore. Even now my mother don't to talk them. And now one of my uncles have my cell number. Today his son came over visit us, but both my parents were not home. I gave my business card to them. My mother said I shouldn't gave it to them. But what am I suppose to do I am tried of lying for him and feel guilty about it.
Sorry if the story was long. I just feel tried of feeling like this. Feel free to comment.
dianacruz dianacruz
26-30, F
Dec 28, 2013