A Day In a Life With Did

I learned something yesterday, somethging scary, yet priceless. I need my wife.  I tried to prove to  her that I only wanted her, but I do need her.  We kicked our roomate out yesterday at 3pm.  He was using my disorder to divide and conquer my wife and I.  I was able to get thru to her that he was doing that, and she trusted my instincts, thank God.  I thgen spent an hour getting ready to go to a concert with her.  From the time we left our apartment until I got home 6 hours later I was bombarded with triggers that caused switches and age regressions.  In retrospect, I was out of control and only have vagueness to help me write this.  I remember the singer of the second act tried to do a cover of a Love and Rockets song and I lost it, it sounded terrible, so I told him he should not do covers of that band and that his band was nowhere near being as good as Love and Rockets or Bauhaus for that matter, and this embarrassed my wife.  I left in a rage, and she followed me, but I wanted nothing to do with her at that point.  I walked home 2 miles in a mini skirt, cropped top, and wedge sandals in a very bad part of town.  As I got to the end of my walk, the fireworks began in this part of town, and that was it for me, everything became a trigger.  The fireworks became bombs and I was hysterically crying as I crawled into the apartment.  Reality at this point was gone way down the river of faith and conscienceness.  I puked, tried to change my clothes, and woke up an hour later.  Mandy (my wife) was home, and I lost it again.  All I wanted was for her to come home, and when she did, I ran her off with idle threats.  She is on her way home now and I need her.

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Aw, you two... Awww! Cuteness!!!!!!! I love it!

i love you too darling. and i do need you. more than anything *kiss*