Life As A Teenager

I think everyone undermines teenagers. Everyone seems to think that they are dumb kids, and me, being a teenager right now, saying this, will come off as typical. I have to wakeup at 6:00 am everyday to go to school. I have eight classes, each is 47 minutes long. During that time I am taking notes, and taking pop quizzes and learning. During the lunch period, I have to be careful and eat healthy, because thats what our parents tell us to do. Aside from that, there is bullying. Bullying is NOT punching someone anymore. Its talking about someone behind their back, making someone feel like you are more important than them, bragging, gossiping, and worst of all, cliques. You are constantly being judged and self conscience. After seven hours of this, you go home. Every teacher assigns homework. It probably takes me 5 hours to do my homework. Off course, it takes me an half hour to finally get home. And maybe I take an hour to just relax, maybe watch Netflix, or take a nap. If I do all those things it is already by then its already 11. I am not perfect, and in those 5 hours of work I took small breaks, ate dinner, went on my phone. I finish at about 12:30. Then I need to take a shower and maybe Ill be on my phone for a while. I end up getting 4-5 hours of sleep each night. Oh and the best part is, I get to wake up and do it ALL over again. If you don't think this is stressful, open your eyes. Being a teenager is HARD. When people read this, they say "Are you kidding me? All teenagers have to worry about is getting good grades, they are just kids, everything else is given to them."
To this I say that yes good grades IS something we have to do, but its only one thing in the many things we have to do. Not all teenagers are lucky enough to have everything given to them. Some have to work, even to buy books for school. I am not saying Adult life isn't hard, but just because its hard too, doesn't mean teenage life isn't. You adults treat us like kids when at the same time expect us to become adults.
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I have a 15 year old son. It is hard !! life is not about achieving all the time. A huge achievement, I believe, is trying to remain happy, and calm regardless of all the stresses. Stay positive. Keep good friends around you. Brush off feelings of negativity - they don't really exist anyway. be happy xx

I'm a teacher of high school kids. And personally I believe teenagers are more sensitive, caring, and smart, than most adults. xx

Awesome post.