I have been looking for a place to share my experience. I am glad that I am not alone. My experience happened when I was 18. My parents lived in the mark twain national forest and me and one of my brothers went for a trip into the woods one day. We found some really strange things deep into the woods. We found what looked like a mound of dirt but when we went to one side there was a door. We went inside and there was a strange hole in the ceiling that dripped water into a weird looking bowl below. It was a long time ago so I don't remember every detail but it was strange for sure. A little later we found another hutt looking thing with a roof made of hay. Anyways. Nothing happened it was just strange. Later we decided to go sit by a little waterfall we found. And it felt like I fell asleep and woke up walking out of the woods. I can't recall anything between sitting down by the water and walking out. It was so unsettling. So it was about 2 months later and I was in a deep sleep and having a strange dream. I dreamt about the day in the woods and it was to the T... we went and sat by the water and then suddenly we were being paralyzed and pulled by a force up into the air. I drifted off for a second and woke to see my brother next to me, still asleep in some kind of harness. Then I realized I was in one too. I looked and we were being held over some kind of pool of liquid. Suddenly some sort of almost whip came down and fast and went into his back and he was lowered into the liquid. I knew I was next and I was already screaming in horror for what just happened to my brother, I looked around and there were people or something like people all around us. I mean all around. Everywhere you looked there were these creatures standing around like they were watching a show. I was begging and pleading and crying. One man or something like a man came to get me down and took me into a room and was trying to talk to me but it couldn't understand everything he was saying. He made a gesture of a round belly, like a pregnant woman. I was so confused by this in my dream but it seemed like he was telling me I was going to be a Mom. After that it goes right back to me and my brother walking out of the woods back home. When I looked back in my dream I saw people walking into the woods and very quickly they were gone. After I had this dream I called my brother crying and telling him that I am sure of what happened to us in the woods that day. I did end up getting pregnant just a few months later. I was 19 by then. My brother has never been the same. He is so moody and mean and says and does the most strange things were as before he was the smartest most caring person ever. I hate to think that what happened that day and whatever they did to my brother changed him forever. Anyways. That's my story and it feels nice to put it out there in a place where I know that I won't be alone. Thank you for sharing your stories.
nsmallatt1 nsmallatt1
31-35, F
Feb 21, 2014