My absolute favourite memory is from when I was maybe 8 years old. My brothers and Dad ( real foster dad ... that sounds so bad. hahaha ) had just left for school and it was a beautiful spring morning. I can remember the air smelling like fresh cut grass and the sun shining brightly. It was already very warm, just a perfect day. My Mom was holding my little brother, he was only 6 years old and we were sitting on the front porch. My Mom had given me a bubble maker and I was blowing bubbles for my little bro and he was gurgling and laughing. I remember feeling so safe, secure and utterly content.

Favourite memory of my Dad is him and I going to the library together every Saturday morning. As the only girl with 3 brothers this was our alone time. We were the only ones (at the time) who loved reading and this was our way of connecting. Still is. I also remember the hours upon hours he spent in the motorboat taking us kids and all our friends waterskiing at the cottage.

My oldest brother has always been kind of high strung and I've got tons of memories but I'll share a funny one. When he was 15 or so we took a trip across Aussieland . We were camping one evening, actually we were eating supper. My shirtless bro was inhaling his food when all of a sudden he sits up straight turns to my 2nd brother (the most easy going fellow in the world) and yells, "Did a bird just sh** on my back?"

Bro #2 casually leans back, takes a look says, "Yep," and continues to eat.

#1 Bro loses it and screams, "Well wipe it off." By this time we were all killing ourselves laughing which only made him madder and the madder he got the funnier it was. Finally Mom came to his rescue but he didn't speak to any of us for the rest of the evening.

My fondest memories of my 2nd Bro are all the times I would sit in his room and talk , sometimes I'd just go in his room and lay on his bed and read while he did homework. He was my fav, and always good to his sis. hehehe

One of my early memories of my younger brother is of him and I outside together in winter sticking our tongues on the back screen door and pulling if off before it got stuck. I also remember going for naps in the afternoon and if I woke up first I would gently pull up his eyelid using his excessively long eyelashes to see if his eyes were rolled back in his head like my dolls eyes did. Funny thing is he never woke up. lol

Best memories of my Mom are coming home for lunch on a cold winter day to grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate. Also after an evening of snow skiing we'd come home and Mom would make homemade pizza and hot chocolate, it was great!

And of my friends? Well, the very first day I met them was amazing. I was like the outsider and i thought it would take so long to meet new friends, but I kinda just met them right away and they talked to me as if they has known me for years. Now we are best friends and I couldn't do without them now. :)
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"hugs you"

are you hugging me.... or my girlfriend> xD xD xD xD

are you hugging me.... or my girlfriend> xD xD xD xD


^____^ *hugs* my girlfriend wrote this though.... but we grew up together.... so its the same or me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love your memories. It sounds like you have a very loving family. Thank you for sharing!

THis is ppwwweeeaaasssiiiiioooooouuuusssssss! ^^ But I'm NOT HIGH- STRUNG! xD

What a lovely family you've been blessed with--and how lucky they've been to have you. Thank you for sharing this lovely collection of happy memories with us.

Wish i had memory's like that but sadly didn't really hang out much with my bros or sisters they were older and had a different father so they kinda didn't like me or younger bro cause our dad was with our mum wish there were good times like yours:( oh well

Yeah I know I'm still trying to make friends it's very hard here I just don't seem to fit anywhere